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By CUSTOMER and COMPANY doing business as Randy's Trash

SERVICE: PLEASE HAVE ALL TRASH OUT THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR COLLECTION DAY, in order not to miss the truck. Please do not become accustomed to your pickup time being the same each week as TIMES OF PICKUP MAY VARY FROM WEEK TO WEEK depending on weather conditions, vacations, holiday pickups, break downs, etc. We cannot give you good service if your trash is not out in time for collection, so please have it out in time and leave it out till it's hauled.

EQUIPMENT, ACCESS: All equipment furnished by Company shall remain the property of Company; however, Customer shall have care, custody and control of the equipment and shall bear responsibility and liability for all loss or damage to the equipment and for its contents while at Customer's location. Customers shall not overload, move or alter the equipment and shall use the equipment only for its intended purpose Loss of a container shall be billed at $45 for bins and $100 for toters. Randy's Trash is not responsible for personal trash containers and lids that are lost or damaged. WEATHER: Randy's Trash at times may need to cancel or postpone collection services due to weather, disasters, acts of God, emergencies or uncontrollable circumstances ITEMS NOT ALLOWED: Flammable products and liquids, gasoline, oil, paint cans, tires, animal carcasses, manure, tree stumps, dirt, sod, gravel, stone, rock, brick, lead, acid/wet cell batteries, railroad ties, toxic materials, bio-hazardous material's or waste, propane/oxygen/helium tanks, explosives, live ammunition or weapons, large amounts of animal waste, oversized brush, (longer than four feet in length or four inches in diameter), bags weighing more than 50 pounds or any items that cannot be safely loaded by our crews for removal or any items that may damage our hauling equipment. CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS: construction debris is considered a special pick-up and requires customer to contact us ahead of time and we will not be responsible for any items, large or small left within 10 feet of curb line. ASHES: On collection days, do not put out burnt materials or ashes until they have cooled for at least Ten (10) days. We do not want fire in our trucks. FREON: There will be a separate charge for disposal of Freon items, such as refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers. You must call the office in advance to make arrangements for the removal of these items. TIRES: We do not take. YARD WASTE: Please contact your local township as most provide pickup days for yard waste. In case your township does not provide this service the disposal of large amounts of tree trimmings, hedge clippings and similar material should be cut to a length not to exceed four (4) feet and shall be tied in a bundle not weighing more than fifty (50) pounds. You must call the office in advance to make arrangements and you may be charged extra for large amounts of tree or hedge trimmings. RECYCLING: We provide curbside single stream recycling collection for all plastic #1-7, cans, glass bottles and jars, and mixed paper once per week. Mixed Paper Includes: Junk Mail, Magazines, catalogs, newspapers, phone books, cereal and similar boxes, wax coated paper (milk cartons), and cardboard. We would prefer that large cardboard boxes be flattened down. Styrofoam packing material and plastic bags must be removed from the boxes. Items not acceptable for curbside recycling: Light bulbs, ceramic dishes, cookware, metal coat hangers, soiled pizza boxes, styrofoam, packing materials, plastic bags, aluminum foil or foil pie pans. Please visit your county's website for more details This service may be suspended at any time when recycle centers notify us of changes to their service and not all areas of our service area include recycling. SAFETY: Sharp objects, such as glass, needles, razor blades, and knives, should be placed inside of durable plastic bottles or other containers, sealed with tape, placed in the trash and marked accordingly. Please use common sense in leaving items near your trash can on collection days. Anything left within collection area or curb line may be collected as trash. Display your address prominently at your service location. PAYMENTS: Coupon Books are issued to our check Customers. These books have payment coupons which act like invoices. Payments can be made Yearly, Bi-Annually, Quarterly or Monthly. We prefer our Customers pay the largest period they can and these payments are made in the beginning of that period. If service is interrupted due to delinquent status a $10.00 reinstatement fee may be assessed to your account. There is a $25.00 fee for all returned checks, so be sure to: Make check payable to Randy's Trash and service address on the check. Please remember to sign your check. Mail all payments to Randy's Trash PO Box 80 Fleetwood PA 19522. We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, or electronic payments from your bank account via our website or by phone at: 484-926-6500. No adjustments will be made to your bill without prior approval from the office. CHARGES; PAYMENTS; ADJUSTMENTS: Customer shall pay a service charge on all past due amounts accruing from the date of the invoice at a rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum or, if less, the maximum rate allowed by law. Company may increase the charges to account for: any increase in disposal, fuel or transportation costs; any change in the composition of the Waste Materials or increases in the average weight per container of Waste Materials; increased costs due to uncontrollable circumstances, including, without limitation, changes in local, state or federal laws or regulations, imposition of taxes, fees or surcharges and acts of God such as floods, fires, etc. Company may also increase the charges to reflect increases in the Consumer Price Index for the municipal or regional area in which the Service Address is located. Increases in charges for reasons other than as provided above require the consent of Customer which may be evidenced verbally, in writing or by the actions and practices of the parties.

CHANGES: Changes in level of service, schedule of charges, type or amount of equipment may be agreed to orally or in writing, by the parties. Oral changes shall be evidenced by the actions and practices of the parties. If customer changes its service address during the term of this Agreement, this Agreement shall remain valid and enforceable with respect to services rendered at Customer's new service location if such location is within Company's service area. RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL, TERM: Customer grants to Company a right of first refusal to match any offer relating to services similar to those provided hereunder which Customer receives (or intends to make) upon termination of this Agreement for any reason and Customer shall give Company prompt written notice of any such offer and a reasonable opportunity to respond to it. The initial term of this Agreement is thirty six months from the acknowledgement or effective date or start of service date. This agreement shall automatically renew thereafter for additional terms of thirty six months each renewal term unless either party gives to the other party written notice of termination at least ninety days, but not more than one hundred eighty days, prior to the termination of the then-existing term.

MISCELLANEOUS: (a) Except for the obligation to make payments hereunder,neither party shall be in default for its failure to perform or delay in performance caused by events beyond its reasonable control, including, but not limited to, strikes, riots, imposition of laws or governmental orders, fires, acts of God, and inability to obtain equipment, and the affected party shall be excused from performance during the occurrence of such events; (b) This Agreement shall be binding on and shall inure to the benefit of the parties hereto and their respective successors and assigns; (c) This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties and supersedes any and all other agreements, whether written or oral, that may exist between the parties; (d) This Agreement shall be construed in accordance with the law of the state in which the services are provided; and if any provision of this Agreement is declared invalid or unenforceable, then such provision shall be severed from and shall not affect the remainder of this Agreement; however, the parties shall amend this Agreement to give effect, to the maximum extent allowed, to the intent and meaning of the severed provision. In the event the Company successfully enforces its rights against Customer hereunder, the Customer shall be required to pay the Company's attorneys' fees and court costs. Randy's Trash shall have the unrestricted right to transfer or assign this Service Agreement or any right or obligation under this Service Agreement following notice to the Customer of at least five days prior to the date of such assignment. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES: In the event Customer terminates this Agreement prior to the expiration of any term for any reason other than a default by Company, or in the event Company terminates this Agreement for Customer's default, Customer shall pay the following liquidated damages in addition to the Company's legal fees: 1) if the remaining Initial Term under this Agreement is six or more months, Customer shall pay its most recent monthly charges multiplied by six; 2) if the remaining Initial Term under this Agreement is less than six months, Customer shall pay its most recent monthly charges multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Term; 3) if the remaining Renewal Term under this Agreement is three or more months, Customer shall pay its most recent monthly charges multiplied by three; or 4) if the remaining Renewal Term under this Agreement is less than three months, Customer shall pay its most recent monthly charges multiplied by the number of months remaining in the Renewal Term. Customer acknowledges that the actual damage to Company in the event of termination is difficult to fix or prove, and the foregoing liquidated damages amount is reasonable and commensurate with the anticipated loss to Company resulting from such termination and is an agreed upon fee and is not imposed as a penalty. Company shall not be liable under any circumstances for any special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with performance of this Agreement.